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10 THE HORSE February 2018 DID YOU CATCH OUR LIVE EVENT ABOUT NAVICULAR? I found this event ( very interesting since I have a 21-year-old Quarter Horse with navicular disease. I have noticed that if the weather changes, he gets sore. Now I will contact our vet and farrier. I want to thank you for the meeting, It has helped me a lot. I treasure, and I am making a reference book out of your articles. Corinne Fry I now have a much better understanding of navicular disease, its symptoms, and treatments. I have done the surgery, injections of Osphos, and arthritis injections for my Percheron/Quarter Horse. I had decided to euthanize him a couple of weeks ago, as he was so very sore, but he start- ed to suddenly improve and is continuing to improve! I can now start him on a low-impact exercise program. So thankful to still have my boy. Thanks to your experts for their insights and advice for this frustrating, complicated disease. Daryl Zoratti I have just listened to the (recording), and it was really great. I have a horse who has been diagnosed with navicu- lar changes, amongst other things (via MRI), and this has confirmed that I am doing the correct things for her. Jeni Ball STAY FOCUSED Your article "Hidden Horse Farm Hazards" (TheHorse. com/39787) was a great reminder. However, the one thing that I've found to be the hardest after 50 years of having my barn was to focus on what I was doing. The turn- ing off of lights, turning off the water, latching gates, and especially latching stall doors is done many times a day, and I try to make myself double- check everything I do before leaving the area. Unfortu- nately, what we do automati- cally can be left undone if we don't focus and remember to complete. Louise H. Lester Raymond, Maine LETTERS E-mail us at, or write us at The Horse, 3101 Beaumont Centre Circle, Suite 100, Lexington, KY 40513. Letters may be edited for space limitations and must include the author's name and contact information. @TheHorse The horse that matters to you matters to us® Call 859-873-2974 or visit to order today. …when you win a ribbon. …when you …when you The feeling you get… It's why we do what we do. TH 2018-02 Reduces the risk of neurological disease and muscle myopathy by supporting optimal levels of essential vitamin E. Elevate ® Satisfaction guaranteed. Natural Vitamin E

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