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6 THE HORSE February 2018 My intuition was correct. Happy was rolling repeatedly, pawing, and looking at his sides. His gums, hydra- tion, and temp looked okay, but he was uncomfortable. I said I'd call the vet and that I was on my way. New Year's Eve was the three-year anniversary of Happy's becoming mine. I'd planned to stop and see him on my way to a party and offer a few carrots. But things were going differently than I had planned. Such is life with horses—a life I embrace. It was 14 degrees and dropping, so my homemade eggnog in the car would clearly be fine, but would Happy? When I arrived 10 minutes later, my friends stood at Happy's stall door. I brought him into the barn aisle. He didn't try to lie down, but continued pawing incessantly. I relayed the clinical signs to the vet when he returned my call, and he asked, "Have you given him any Banamine yet?" I hadn't, because working at The Horse has taught me to give flunixin meglumine to colicky horses only with prior vet consent. Things can go wrong if you give it in some circumstances (see page 25). The vet said it should be fine in this case and to dose by body weight and sit tight for 20-30 minutes. I followed his instructions, and because Happy seemed content to continue standing, I put him in the crossties, peeled back his blanket, and set to currying like it would cure what ailed him (Some people cry when worried about their horse. I groom.). Then I took him outside, where in 10 degrees and sparkling flurries, he began grazing eagerly. Later, we returned to his stall, and I refilled one of his buckets with hot water. Then he pooped, which, if you've ever had a colicky horse, you know you celebrate. I gave the vet an update, and he advised I check on Happy every two hours through the night. I delivered the eggnog and spent most of the evening, seltzer water in hand, play- ing board games with friends—who understand sick-horse-worry—and taking trips to the barn. After ringing in 2018, I headed back to check on Happy, replenish water, and celebrate poop; repeating the process every two hours. It was an unconventional way to welcome the New Year, and I might have gone overboard with my checks, but you bet I was pleased to see a healthy Happy greet me eagerly when I visited later that day. It was then I realized he turned 12 in the wee hours that morning, sharing a birthday with all the other Thoroughbreds in our barn and the Northern Hemisphere. I write this with gratitude: I have such observant, caring barn friends; access to compassionate, quick-to- respond veterinarians; and the bless- ing that things ended up okay that frigid night. h An Offbeat Holiday VIEWPOINT STEPHANIE L. CHURCH Editor-in-Chief @TH_StephLChurch I was getting ready to back out of my driveway on New Year's Eve when my phone rang. I stopped the car, glanced down, and saw it was a friend from the barn—one who always texts and never calls. My stomach lurched, and I answered quickly, maybe even tersely, knowing something might be wrong with my horse, Happy. Keep in touch! @TheHorse @TheHorseMag Publisher: Marla Bickel Editor-in-Chief: Stephanie L. Church Managing Editor: Alexandra Beckstett News Editor: Erica Larson Digital Managing Editor: Michelle Anderson Art Director: Brian Turner Web Producer: Jennifer Whittle Brand Manager: Shawna White EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT 3101 Beaumont Centre Circle, Suite 100, Lexington, KY 40513 E-MAIL All letters must include the writer's name, address, and daytime phone number for verification. ■ Letters:, or by mail. ■ Farm Call:, or by mail. ■ Across the Fence and Behavior Columns:, or by mail. ■ New Products:, or by mail. EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Scott Anderson, DVM Jerry Black, DVM Anthony Blikslager, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVS Tom Brokken, DVM Ann Dwyer, DVM Benjamin Espy, DVM, Dipl. ACT Jenifer R. Gold, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, ACVECC Kyla Ortved, DVM, Dipl. ACVS Debra Taylor, DVM Educational Partnership Disclaimer: The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), one of The Horse's partners in equine health, has no involvement regarding editorial management or advertising content within this publication and thereby does not endorse any editorial or advertising content unless so acknowledged within the individual article or advertisement. ADVERTISING SALES AND SERVICES Advertising Executive: Yvonne Long, 859/276-6701 Sales Support: Nicol Hunt, 859/276-6740 PUBLISHED BY OWNED BY TOBA MEDIA PROPERTIES Board of Directors: Everett Dobson Dan Metzger Rosendo Parra Dr. J. David Richardson Peter Willmott For up-to-date news, in-depth horse health articles, and more, go to

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