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MAR 2019

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A29 The Horse | AAEP Wrap-Up March 2019 YOUR GUIDE TO THE 2018 AAEP CONVENTION hysteroscopic hydrotubation. Walbornn concluded there was no significant dif- ference in pregnancy rates between the procedures. But she did note that PGE2 application is more expensive and invasive and requires more surgical skill. Both can be performed under standing sedation. "Make your decision based on comfort level with each procedure," she said. Membrane Removal Post-Foaling If mares don't pass fetal membranes (the placenta) within three hours of foal- ing, serious side effects can occur. Chelsie Burden, DVM, Dipl. ACT, of Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital, in Victoria, Aus- tralia, described manually removing these membranes—a controversial approach. Burden and her colleagues completed a study on 18 pregnant mares, 12 of which had induced placentitis (placental inflam- mation, which can put mares at risk of complications such as retained fetal mem- branes). She performed manual mem- brane removal on the 12 of those mares that had retained placentas. She removed nine of the 12 (75%) without complica- tions. Three mares experienced uterine horn eversion or prolapse (a portion of the uterus protrudes through the cervix). Four of five mares (80%) that expelled placentas naturally suffered complica- tions. But Burden noted most had placen- titis and heavy fetal membranes. "Controlled manual removal of fetal membranes allowed for rapid membrane removal with relatively low risk to both normal foaling and high-risk mares in this study," she said. The approach is "a practical, efficient tool that, when per- formed correctly, can improve the health of postpartum mares." New IUD Safely Suppresses Estrus Some methods of suppressing undesir- able estrus-related behaviors are more effective, practical, and safe than others. A University of Massachusetts researcher has devised a new drug-free approach to manage performance mares and more. Carlos Gradil, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACT, professor in the school's Department of Vet and Animal Sciences, in Amherst, and adjunct associate professor at Tufts Uni- versity's Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, in North Grafton, described the magnetic intrauterine device (IUD). Composed of three shatterproof mag- netic beads, the device self-assembles into a ring upon insertion into the mare's uter- us. Vets can place it during any estrous stage, he said, and its benefits include: ■ Being drug- and hormone-free; ■ Having a high retention rate; ■ Prolonging time between cycles; ■ Convenience of insertion and retrieval; ■ Not affecting fertility; and ■ Easy visualization via ultrasound and identification with a metal detector. In his study Gradil inserted the IUD into 15 mares in estrus and 14 control mares—regardless of estrous cycle stage—and found that it extended the period between cycles by an average of 74 days. He removed the IUDs after three to 18 months using a retriever designed for the IUD. The mares had a 100% retention rate and 100% pregnancy rate afterward, he said. Gradil said this IUD can potentially help curb undesirable estrous behavior in performance mares, synchronize cycles for embryo transfer, and control wild horse populations. He warned against using it in pregnant mares or those with existing uterine fluid or inflammation. h COURTESY DR. CARLOS GRADIL This shatterproof magnetic IUD might be a safe and effective way to suppress estrus in mares. ONLINE extras Visit ■ Combination Treatment for Biofilms in Mares With Endometritis, ■ Helping Transitional Mares "See the Light," The most powerful x-ray unit in its class featuring 82-103vAc operation at as little as 5 amps current supply. 90KvP/30mA 15 pounds Ultra 9030Hf QUALITY | INTEGRITY | VALUE since 1983 • Wireless 12" x 12" • CsI - Pixel Pitch – 140 µm • 3 year warranty • Slim Design w/Internal Storage • Fast and Durable • Superior Software • CsI Pixel Pitch – 76 μm • Lightweight Wireless 10" x 12" • 5 yr hardware & software warranty Ask about our Price Match Guarantee | 1-866-820-1694

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