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FEB 2019

The Horse:Your Guide To Equine Health Care provides monthly equine health care information to horse owners, breeders, veterinarians, barn/farm managers, trainer/riding instructors, and others involved in the hands-on care of the horse.

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KEVIN THOMPSON/THE HORSE CHRISTA LESTÉ-LASSERRE, MA W hat, again? Of all the horses in the barn, yours is the one that's managed to find the one stray piece of baling wire in a 5-acre turnout. So much for that competition next weekend. Oh, yes, and so much for that new bridle/jacket/ small appliance/home decorat- ing item you were about to buy. Junior's vet bills will have to take priority—again. Last month he was the one that got his hoof caught in the one hole nobody had noticed in the wall no horse ever stands by. Before that, he was the one that scraped the skin off his cannon bone on who-knows-what in a sand paddock. And since you've had him, he's been the one horse in the barn that's managed to smack his head on a sky-high door frame, get tangled in his own blanket, snag his lip on a gate latch, and roll onto the half-buried horse shoe your friend's horse threw two weeks ago that no one had been able to find. The list goes on, and you ask yourself, why is it always my horse? Sound familiar? Before you lock him in a padded stall, and before you start scolding him for not playing nicely like everyone else, remember this: You're not alone. Even if it feels like it, your horse isn't the only one who needs to be Bubble-Wrapped. There always seems to be one in every barn … and there are lots of barns out there. So that makes for plenty of horses finding trouble. In this article we'll speak with sources who have experience with accident-prone horses to get their take on how to manage these special characters. And we'll place particular emphasis on best ways to avoid problems—for his health and your wallet—in the first place. PRONE

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