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JAN 2019

The Horse:Your Guide To Equine Health Care provides monthly equine health care information to horse owners, breeders, veterinarians, barn/farm managers, trainer/riding instructors, and others involved in the hands-on care of the horse.

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GUARANTEED RESULTS or your money back! Ask for them by name or call 800-578-9234 for a dealer near you! TH19 Did you know? Mares are "long day, seasonally polyestrous breeders." As the days get longer (more light in a 24 hour period), they start cycling. As the days get shorter (in the autumn), they stop cycling. Their cycle lasts spring, summer and early fall. In late fall and winter, the mare is in anestrous – there is no cycling. In the spring, they go through a transition phase, where they go from anestrus back to estrus cycling. This also occurs in the fall when they go out of estrus cycling. These two transition phases will have abnormal cycling times and that leads to a stressful time for mares – it can last for 60-80 days, but can be in and out of heat within only a few days. The usual estrus and diestrus days are not on schedule. They are irregular in tim- ing, making behavioral patterns erratic. HAPP-E-MARE contains herbs, minerals and vitamins to help calm the effects in these difficult times. Also, during regular cycles, HAPP-E-MARE helps to reduce the stress, colic-like signs and muscle soreness. Insulin Resistance in Mares: I nsulin resistance can cause inability of the mare to get pregnant, foal loss (abortion) or laminitis in the late stages of pregnancy. If a mare is prone to IR via genetics or eating pattern/diet, it can affect their behavior and estrus cycle pattern. HEIRO (right) is used to help get pregnant, stay pregnant and avoid laminitis in IR mares. Many mares are on HEIRO and HAPP-E-MARE together. Q: Is HAPP-E-MARE safe? A: Yes, it is Veterinary School and independent laboratory tested safe and free of drugs, pesticides and herbicides. HAPP-E-MARE is non-GMO and gluten-free. It tested negative for salmonella, E. coli and listeria. Mares deserve the best and get it with HAPP-E-MARE. Q: Can I show and race on HAPP-E-MARE? A: Yes, you can. There is no withdrawal time. Stop moodiness now! Veterinary formula nutritional supplement to help maintain mare health. Developed by Dr. Frank Reilly, DVM and specially formulated for mare problems. All-natural blend to keep a mare calm and relaxed throughout her reproductive cycles, and help her get off hormones and shots. Can also be used on geldings and stallions with behavioral issues. The only multi-herbal mare product that can be used while showing and racing. Contains 9 balancing herbs, plus multiple vitamins including high dose vitamin E, along with natural minerals. Use to help calm and relax, move better with no muscle soreness, stop moodiness, get back to riding in comfort, and improve movement and quality of life. Use as a calming aid on sour-acting, "flighty" or nervous geldings in order to handle, ride, turn out and train. Can help nervous horses by reduc- ing inflammation, helping immunity, easing stomachs and supporting muscles so they feel better. Super tasty powder blend even the pickiest of horses love. Each dose con- tains natural herbs in a great-tasting proprietary blend of eleuthro, ashwagandha, raspberry leaf, chastetree berry, ginger, oregano, arginine, spirulina, MSM, boswellia and chia; added vitamins (2,024 IU vitamin E, 2 mg vitamin B 6 ) and added minerals (560 mg magnesium oxide). Certified herbicide-free (includes glyphosate). No artificial colors. Certified melamine-, pesticide-, lead- & drug-free, and low in sugar, starch and fructan. Directions: Regular schedule - Mix 1 scoop once daily in morning feed. First time users - Mix 1 scoop in morning feed and 1 scoop in evening feed for 14 days in a row, then switch to regular schedule. For equine use only. Not for breeding, pregnant or nursing mares. 2 month size – from biggest to smallest, all horses get one full scoop. 25 cc scoop enclosed. Bottled in USA USA Owner Get your mare back to calm and reled faster! Improves mood, promotes calmness, reduces muscle soreness and decreases anxiety Developed for horses with these issues: • Anxious & upset • Stressed • Muscles sore • Loss of focus • Colic-like signs • Can't settle down • Difficult to ride • Always in heat • Irritable Also good for nervous/ anxious geldings/stallions! Natural herbs, minerals and High Dose Vitamin E "I got my mare back! Mind and body better . " Denise, MI As low as $ 1 29 per day! As low as $ 1 94 per day! As low as 97 ¢ per day! Coughing? Laminitis? Muscle Sore? Developed by Dr. Frank Reilly, DVM New #1 Insulin Resistance Supplement Mares As low as 95 ¢ per day!

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