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NOV 2018

The Horse:Your Guide To Equine Health Care provides monthly equine health care information to horse owners, breeders, veterinarians, barn/farm managers, trainer/riding instructors, and others involved in the hands-on care of the horse.

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60 November 2018 The Horse | digestion and maximize absorption. Triple Crown also offers a line of for- ages to improve overall hay quality. Its Safe Starch and Alfa-Lox forages are ideal for horses with metabolic disease, gastric ulcers, and poor dentition. For clients looking for GMO-free alternatives, the Triple Crown Naturals product line provides soy-free, GMO-ingredient-free options. Stop by Booths 419/518 or visit Veticus, Booth 1547 Wayne H. Faber, DVM, introduces a collection of all-natural topical sprays under the Veticus label. Veticus is an all-natural formula based on the advanced science of HOCl, a natu- ral part of our internal defense system. It's produced in white blood cells and works to fight infection and enhance healing. Antibiotic resistance is a nonissue with HOCl, says the company, and it presents no side effects or contraindications. Veticus works to support the skin's overall wellness in post-procedural care, irritations, wounds, and inflammation, and the company says it is safe, nonirri- tating, hypoallergenic, and economical. The company also reports Veticus is without peer, meeting the highest standards of purity, safety and stability, and FDA-cleared, with an 18-month FDA cleared shelf life. Faber says, "As the science underlying the issues of viral, bacterial, and fungal contamination advances, our goal is to be the leader in bringing these break- through advancements to the veterinary profession." Vettec Inc., Booth 725 Vettec manufactures hoof care products for the hoof care professional. Vettec's extensive line of hoof-related materials allows your hoof care profes- sional to complete hoof repairs and glue on shoes with Adhere, as well as create instant shoes and foal extensions with Superfast. Vettec says its instant pad ma- terials (Equi-Pak, Equi-Pak CS, Equi-Pak Soft, Sil-Pak, and Sole-Guard) promote heel and sole growth, eliminate thrush, protect and support the equine foot, and prevent stone bruising. Does your horse suffer from sore feet, low heels, broken walls, thrush, laminitis, navicular, or founder? Ask your hoof care professional or visit to explore how these tools can work for you. Xxterra/Vetline Inc., Booths 937/1036 Vetline Inc. is the maker of Xxterra, the only herbal option for equine cosmetic skin care. The company says its newly re- introduced proprietary blend of chelated amino acids, Equilytes, is like none other and absorbs in minutes. Sister products EqVital-R and EqVital-S are complete, balanced supplements designed to keep your horse healthy during vigorous train- ing or for mares and their foals during breeding season. Race Today is a supple- ment that Vetline Inc. says combats the effects of equine exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage and is used by National Finals Rodeo-qualifying athletes. All products are made with human-grade ingredients and include organic molasses that horses love. Vetline Inc. is an established company created by veterinarians to help man- age specific equine health needs with scientifically balanced nutrition and all- natural, organic ingredients. Vetline says it boasts a line of long-standing, success- ful supplements for training, competition, and maintenance of your equine athlete. Zoetis, Booth 1429 Building on a six-decade history and a singular focus in animal health, Zoetis says it proudly partners with veterinar- ians, horse owners, and industry pro- fessionals to help ensure every horse receives the health and wellness care he deserves. Zoetis endeavors to provide your business with best-in-class products and services and an unmatched com- mitment. In August 2018, Zoetis intro- duced Core EQ Innovator. Available only through a veterinarian, Core EQ Innova- tor is the first and only vaccine to contain all core equine disease antigens to protect horses against West Nile virus, Eastern and Western equine encephalomyelitis, tetanus, and rabies—in one injection. Zo- etis is devoted to every horse—from those retired at pasture to horses competing at the highest levels. Every horse deserves core disease protection, every spring. For more information on how Zoetis supports the equine veterinary indus- try and works to help horses live long, healthy lives, visit h 2018 AAEP CONVENTION PREVIEW

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