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NOV 2018

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50 November 2018 The Horse | It is no secret the animal nutrition market is saturated with substandard products and unfounded claims. If you believe in products backed by scien- tific research and clinical trials, look no further. Equithrive says it will continue to set the industry standard with a commit- ment to the research and development of animal health solutions. Come by Booths 1409/1508 to check out their new line of pelleted products and ask about their new Veterinarian Incentive Program. Evolve Biosystems, Booth 1934 Improving a foal's health might be as simple as combining new GlycoGuard with mare's milk. GlycoGuard is an oral activated microbial gel containing the direct-fed microbials B. infantis and L. plantarum. Microorganisms such as B. infantis are adapted to efficiently consume the complex carbohydrates found in mare's milk and, in turn, pro- duce important short-chain fatty acids necessary for gut health. According to the company, intestinal colonization by other types of bacteria result in ineffi- cient and incomplete utilization of these carbohydrates. This intestinal dysbiosis results in the inability of foals to receive the maximum benefit from mare's milk. With GlycoGuard, the company says, you can help give vulnerable nursing foals the intestinal support they need for a great start in life. For more information visit or stop by Booth 1934 at AAEP. Franklin-Williams Company, Booth 1941 Franklin-Williams describes itself as a pioneer in the development of ban- dage products designed specifically for equine use. The company's products are available as individual ready-to-use sterile (SteriRoll) and nonsterile (RediRoll) ban- dages, securely packaged to maintain in- tegrity and provide a professional-looking product for dispensing to the client. The material also is available as non- sterile bulk rolls (CombiRoll) in 10-yard lengths. SteriRoll and RediRoll are available in various lengths. The products are provided in 8-, 12-, 14-, 16-, and 18-inch widths. The company developed its EquiWrap Trauma Kit in consulta- tion with equine practitioners for horse owners' emergency treatment of limb cuts and abrasions until a veterinarian can devise a wound care plan. Manufacture and distribution of these products is the company's only business. It has been in operation over 20 years. For more information call 800/556-5517 or visit Haygain USA and ComfortStall Inc., Booths 1447/1546 Haygain happily returns to the AAEP Convention because it shares the associa- tion's mission of improving horse health and welfare. The company's first product, the Haygain hay steamer, was developed and tested 10 years ago in conjunction with the Royal Agricultural University, in Cirencester, England. Since then, the company says veterinarians and horse owners globally and in all disciplines of equestrian sport have embraced the proven respiratory, nutritional, and diges- tive benefits of Haygain-steamed hay. Haygain expanded significantly in 2017 with the purchase of ComfortStall ortho- pedic sealed flooring system. Its applica- tions in the growing field of equine sports medicine enhance Haygain's place in best stable management practices, for horses ranging from high-performance athletes to backyard buddies, the company says. The Forager slow feeder and the Flexineb portable equine nebulizer complete the current line of Haygain products. Please stop by the booth so Haygain can share the science behind all its prod- ucts, or learn more at Heska Corporation, Booth 1919 Heska Corporation, provider of lab diagnostics and imaging solutions, has announced the DentiSlate … the world's first and only intraoral equine dental digital radiography (DR) detector. Now the elusive advantages of dental diagnos- tics are readily available to the general equine practitioner, removing limitations and boundaries that previously existed in the category of dental care. Now, says Heska Corporation, dental disease that was previously overlooked can be readily detected with the ease of a system that puts dental DR at your fingertips. As part of the revolutionary new Slate Hub portable multimodality wireless diagnos- tic system, DentiSlate brings intraoral dental DR anywhere you need it. Switch 2018 AAEP CONVENTION PREVIEW

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