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NOV 2018

The Horse:Your Guide To Equine Health Care provides monthly equine health care information to horse owners, breeders, veterinarians, barn/farm managers, trainer/riding instructors, and others involved in the hands-on care of the horse.

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48 November 2018 The Horse | company says. The head office in the U.S. is located in Fort Worth, Texas. Equistro equine products have had 30 years of suc- cess in the European performance horse arena, and in the past two years have been introduced into the U.S. market. The Equistro product line consists of Flexadin- UCII, Myo Power, Secreta Pro Max, and Chrysanphtan. The company says Flexadin UC-II is the only joint supplement in the U.S. market containing the unique patented UC-II un- denatured type II collagen for joint support to help with joint soreness and stiffness. It adds that Myo Power is a branch chain amino acid supplement with L-Leucine, L- Isoleucine, and L-Valine for muscle sup- port in horses. There are additions coming to the Equistro line, so stop by and visit the staff to get information on the new prod- ucts and find out how they can help with your equine health care practice. Equithrive, Booths 1409/1508 Equithrive's mission is to improve equine health and performance with prod- ucts that are not only developed with care but also backed by science. Products that are safe and effective. Products you can trust. The company says its proprietary resveratrol ingredient, Resverasyn, has been clinically proven to reduce lameness, inflammation, and oxidative stress and support optimum metabolic function. 2018 AAEP CONVENTION PREVIEW

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