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OCT 2018

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SIGNS YOUR HORSE MAY HAVE EQUINE HEAVES/EQUINE COPD: THERE ARE TWO FORMS OF EQUINE HEAVES/EQUINE COPD: Summer Heaves – also known as "pasture-associated Heaves" – trees, grasses blooming, and horse starts showing signs. Seen more strongly in early Summer and early fall (leaves dying so allergens up). Higher humidity makes horse Heaves worse. In Winter is normal. Year-Round – in Winter and Spring, signs are seen more strongly, but struggles are evident all year long. Horse can get problems with 3 inches of snow on the ground. STAGES OF EQUINE HEAVES/EQUINE COPD Early Stage: 1. Exercise intolerance at end of race, end of trail ride when did not have problem prior. No energy at the end of the ride and seems to get worse with time. 2. Coughing more. 3. No fever, blood work all normal, looks healthy. Cultures for bacteria are negative. 4. Mild nasal discharge but very watery, thin mucus – not yellow or green. 5. Breathes about two times the normal rate at 24-30 times per minute. 6. Reactions to vaccines more often than other horses – probably due to hypersensitive immune system. 7. Many horses with skin allergic conditions, like hives from bites or Equine Summer Eczema, appear to be more prone to Equine Herpes. Chronic Stage: 1. Exercise ability much less – can overheat, exhausted due to so much energy used to breathe. 2. Coughs more and more. 3. No fever, blood work normal, but mucus is a good media for bacteria to grow in, so mild lung infections on top of mucus of Heaves. Antibiotics help a little but never clear up cough or nasal discharge. Sometimes nasal discharge colored but usually just large amounts of clean, thin mucus. 4. Even at rest is "pufŒng" just like ran the Kentucky Derby. 5. Weight loss: • Extreme/moderate labored breathing overcomes horses need for food and water. They are too busy trying to catch their breath. • The labor of breathing more times a minute & trying to exhale stronger burns tremendous calories. • Exhaustion – horse is so tired, they just lay down and skip food and water. • Coughing is exhausting – it also burns tremendous amounts of calories. • Are on drugs that knock down appetite. • Stressed, so higher cortisol which leads to tissues being broken down. • Older Cushing's horses have higher ACTH, Cortisol hormones & on Pergolide that all lead to some weight loss which layers on top of Equine Heaves/COPD. 6. Grunt – exaggerated exhale, trying to force air out of airway. Also, will see exhale, and then exhale again – a double exhale later on. Finally see a line along the rib cage of hypertrophied muscle, the "heave line" from this constant forceful exhaling. 7. Condition worsens when exposed to allergens – hay/bedding. Worse when indoors due to higher counts of allergens. Worse with round bales in the Œeld, due to higher allergens. Worsens in humid/ hot weather – above 80% humidity, cases will increase. 8. Chest X-Rays/Ultrasound – may see lung changes but tests not speciŒc enough to diagnose Equine Heaves/Equine COPD. 9. Heredity – incidences of ROA horses with healthy parents is 10% which increases to 44% if two parents are affected. 10. Age – average horse is between 8-10 years of age, but cases as early as 5-7 years. New Breathing Allergies, COPD & Coughing? Give heaves the "HEAVE HO" Get your horse back to breathing better faster Just $ 2 30 per day! " HEAVE HO is a miracle!"Nancy, PA Horses HEAVE HO Sugar-Free Apple Flavor For Insulin Resistant/Cushing's horses Molasses Flavor Why HEAVE HO is the BEST CHOICE… • FAST ACTING – most horses respond in 10-14 days with improved respiratory rates, less cough and calmer attitudes from being able to breathe better • Developed by Dr. Frank Reilly, DVM, inventor of HEIRO, Dog HEIRO and Health-E • Made with top-rated natural herbs: echinacea, spirulina, lemon balm, mullein, willow, green tea, eleuthero root and reishi • Adaptogen herbs for immune system • The only Equine COPD/Asthma/Cough Supplement containing Maximum Strength Vitamin E • Helps decrease spasm to reduce coughing • Has anti-in‡ammatory effects • Helps clean mucus out of the airway • Maximum Strength Vitamin E con- tains all 8 forms of Alpha Tocopherol, is the RRR form; is ester stable (can withstand hot or cold temperatures); and is the natural fat-soluble form in your horse's body • Non-GMO • Gluten-Free • No 'llers, no arti'cial colors or preservatives • Certi'ed low in sugar, starch and fructan • Certi'ed melamine-, pesticide-, lead-, and drug-free • Years of successful results in helping horses • Economical – gets off expensive drugs • Handy, convenient, concentrated formula • Tasty, great smelling powder that horses love • From biggest to smallest, all horses get one full scoop (2 Tbsp) • Available in Molasses Flavor and Sugar-Free Apple Flavor – for Insulin Resistant/Cushing's Horses/Horses on HEIRO • Sugar-Free Apple Flavor can be fed in conjunction with HEIRO Insulin Resistance Supplement • Safe and effective – independent laboratory tests by university and commercial labs show that HEAVE HO is proven to increase lung function TH18 Did you know? Insulin resistance makes COPD breathing worse. COPD can in- crease laminitis events. Need to address both to help both. Discover HEIRO & HEAVE HO today. Safe, certiŒed and effective. Ask for HEAVE HO by name or call 800-578-9234 for a dealer near you!

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