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OCT 2017

The Horse:Your Guide To Equine Health Care provides monthly equine health care information to horse owners, breeders, veterinarians, barn/farm managers, trainer/riding instructors, and others involved in the hands-on care of the horse.

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27 October 2017 THE HORSE ISTOCK.COM CHRISTA LESTÉ-LASSERRE, MA Insulin Resistance R aise your hand if you've ever wondered, "Wait a minute, which is the bad one—insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance? After all, if too much insulin is bad, wouldn't we want our horses to be re- sistant to it?" The whole talk of insulin sensitivity and resistance can seem pretty confusing. And it only adds to the stress of dealing with a horse who has or might have insulin-related issues. To manage horses with insulin issues successfully, a critical first step is simply understand- ing what insulin is, what goes wrong, and why it matters. The second? Care for them accord- ing to the latest scientific findings. Grasping Two leading researchers explain insulin's effects on the body and how to manage the IR horse

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